Thwog is. Not a thing to be done about it. There you have it. Described by a handfull of enlightened philosophers over the ages without knowing they had done so, Thwog has ruled the dominions of the Heavens and Earth since the beginning of Time itself.

Now, as we develop more wisdom, we can see the hand of Thwog in many things about us. In the squalor of the inner cities, in the devastating beauty of volcanos, and even in the torrential wildness of hurricanes.

Time was Man turned to belief systems for validation of Man's importance in the world, for authority over the elements, for comfort in the darkness. It is clear many of the dieties described over the ages have failed to accomodate the true nature of Thwog, with only a scattering of people who have captured Thwog's essence in their writings. Thwog is best described in the words of those who have met His acts head on.

Often the acolytes of Thwog are unaware His hand has moved them to write of Him, even when professing other faiths. His touch can be seen within even the most clearly devoted followers of the most vociferous religious men and women of all ages.

To describe Thwog is akin to raising praise to new heights, with the usual fallacy of describing the Divine. No description can do justice where a single moment of His intervention can take the learned.

Welcome to these web pages dedicated to those who learn about Thwog and are prepared to be introduced even further to His ways. Be not wary, but know the most sacred of acts is laughter, for joy brings us all the greatest hope, freedom from oppression in any form.

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